Rules for IKF / PBSC Semi-Contact Point Tournaments

The IKF has points-based tournaments including Point Kickboxing (PKB), Point Muay Thai (PMT) and Point Boxing (PBSC).  Each bout consists of two (2) X 60, 90 or 120-minute rounds, with a 60-second rest period between rounds.  The length of the rounds is determined at the event between the IKF Representative, the Promoter, the coaches, and the fighter (age and experience are considered).  Should a match get judged as a draw, we add a 1-minute overtime round. Note: The IKF PKB, PMT and PBSC are copyrighted and Trademarked by Johnny Davis Enterprises dba AK Promotions.

Unlike Karate tournaments where there is a stoppage when a point is scored, our bouts are continuous fighting. Full protective gear is required, no elbows are allowed, and there are no knees to the head allowed.

Our PKB & PMT bouts utilize the following rule styles; International, Unified and Modified Muay Thai.

This is a point sparring tournament. Therefore, intentionally trying to knockout your opponent or throwing at full power will not be tolerated.  Our semi-contact tournaments are about points, not power. Each fighter is required to spar with control. 

Our PKB/PMT/PBSC tournaments are designed to give new fighters the opportunity to test their skill without worrying about getting knocked out.  We emphasize safety, control, technique, scoring and sportsmanship over all else. Note: Shoes Are Mandatory in the PBSC Point Boxing Competitions.

If you’d like to get involved with our semi-contact events, please view our calendar for dates and times.  We welcome everyone to the IKF family and look forward to working with you.