IKF Full-Contact Fighter Registration

Welcome to the Full-Contact Fighter Registration form.  This form is for full-contact events only.  If you’d like to register for a PKB/PMT/PBSC, please use the correct registration process located HERE.  If you are a corner person that needs to register for a full-contact fighter, please use the Full-Contact Corner Registration form located HERE.

Before you begin, please be sure you’ve selected your weight class.  You’ll also need your photo,  your trainers information (trainers full name, gym name, trainer email address & trainer phone number) and your payment method.  All this information is required to successfully submit your application.  You will not be able to complete the registration process without it!

Trainer Requirements

All fighters must have a trainer registered for this event.  If you do not have a trainer, you will need to get one who is registered, or contact us to see if we can help find one for you.  You will be responsible for paying the provided trainer fee.  It’s best to list and pay for your trainer when you register so it will not be an issue.  The trainer fee will increase as the event nears. 

Late Weighin Request (LWR)

A Late Weighin Request means that you have contacted us by phone or email and received a response from us granting a LWR. If you arrive late and did not contact us ahead of time, you may lose your place in the tournament.  We hope that this will help more of you to attend and participate in the event.  Please do not take advantage of this act of kindness and cooperation.  It is your responsibility to arrive for weigh-ins on time. 

Bye Notice

The fighter that registered in their division first will have the number one spot.  The second fighter to register will be in second position.  The fighter or trainer/corner is responsible for bringing this to our attention if the information on our website is not accurate. 

Photo Requirements

Photo submission is required at this time.  Photos must be submitted in a .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif format (.jpg files are best for photos).  They must be 600px X 600px (8″ x 8″) in height and width, and the file size cannot be larger than 2mb.  Please try to use a solid-colored (white or black) background, if possible.  These photos get set onto your fight badges.  Please do not upload pictures larger or smaller than required as they will not be accepted by the system.  For more details about photo specifications, please visit our Photo Requirements page.