Fighter Classes

A, B & C Classes:  We have implemented A, B, C Classes to try and create a safer competition for everyone. This is not done in all divisions at this time…only where we feel it is needed and/or requested.  This is in an effort to keep events safe and fair, and with limited fighters.  If you have the proven experience and skills and not an official record, you still may be able to fight in a higher class but it must be approved in advance.  

If a 4-person bracket does not state a class on the division and reads “OPEN,” it means the bout is for a belt (Novice is for a Cup). 

As of now, this is the way we are doing the Classes:

  • A- Class OPEN – 21 Fights and Up – Belt
  • B- Class OPEN – 11-20 Fights – Belt
  • C- Class OPEN – 4- 10 Fights – Cup

NOVICE – Under 3 Fights – CUP  If your next fight is your 4th – You will need to go into C-Class OPEN or above.  There will be an option to merge into another similar Class Division if you do not have an opponent as the tournament nears.

The reason that we are doing this is because when you have a fighter just breaking out of the Novice 0 to 3 fights’ range they go into the Open Division to fight a fighter with a huge record,  we feel that this does not give the newer fighter a fair chance.  This also poses potential safety risks that we feel we do not have to take at this time as a younger fighter progresses in the sport.