PKB/PMT/PBSC Fighter Registration

Welcome to the semi-contact PKB/PMT/PBSC registration form.  This form is for PKB/PMT/PBSC events onlyTo register for full-contact event, please visit the IKF FULL-CONTACT REGISTRATION page.

Before you begin,  be sure you have selected your weight class.  You’ll need your trainer information and payment method handy.  You will not be able to complete the registration process without this information.  If you cannot complete your registration because you do not have the required items, you’ll need to exit the registration process and start over once you have all of the items needed to complete the registration process.

We do not Count Semi Contact Bouts (PKB, PBSC etc) as real fights!  However, the trainer should consider the experience of their fighter and place them in the correct experienced class…regardless of their full contact record-based on the aforementioned statement above.

Incomplete registration forms are discarded, so please be sure to submit all of your information and payment to submit a valid registration form. Register on our New IKF Fight Platform by clicking below: Simply Create and account on the Platform and then Choose an event to Register.