How to Register

This guide will walk you through the full-contact event registration process.  If you’d like to register for a semi-contact PKB/PMT/PBSC event, please click the button below…you will be directed to our new IKF Fight Platform. You will need to create quick profile (takes about one minute) Then, you can register for our upcoming events listed on the platform. Thanks and feel free to contact us with questions- (843)773-1005.

Full-Contact Registration

To register for a full-contact Muay Thai/Kickboxing event, please complete the following steps in the listed order.

Before you begin, be sure you have all of the necessary information and required items available or you will not be able to complete the registration process (incomplete  registration forms are not accepted).  This includes a photo (head shot) of yourself, your corner persons names (up to 2-per fighter), and your payment information.  Your registration will not process without these items. 

 Also, please do not Enter Two of your fighters in the same division! Important.  There are only 4 slots in each division, if your desired division is full, you can choose another rule style or weight class for your additional students…but again, not a division that already has your student in it. Thanks in advance.

Registration Process

  1. Choose Your Division: This includes choosing from a specific weight class and rules division. 
  2. Rules: Be sure to thoroughly read the rule set for the division you’ve chosen.
  3. Register: Know the weight class and division for which you want to register.  You’ll need the names of up to two trainers (make sure they also register using the Full-Contact Corner Registration form).  You’ll also need a high-resolution head shot of fight pose photo available (read photo requirements) to upload for your credentials. 
  4. Pay Your Registration FeeIf you complete a registration form but do not pay your registration fee, your registration form will be discarded and you will lose your potential placement for a fight.  We require payment at the time of registration. Registration fee’s increase the closer we get to the event date.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you register and pay for your registration early.
  5. Reserve Your Hotel RoomAll fighters are required to stay at the venue hotel.  We’ll provide a Discount Code you can use to save money on the room.  Your friends and family can also use the discount code to reserve a room at the host hotel.
  6. Gear Requirements: Be sure you have the required gear.  A list of the required equipment is listed HERE.
  7. Advertise Your Fight:  You train hard for these events so let your family, relatives, friends etc., know that you have an upcoming fight and tell them you’d like them to be there or watch the live stream.  Be sure to post info on your social media pages as well.  The more people we get interested in our sport, the better it is for all of us.


Our New IKF Fight Platform, will automatically put you in a division based on the information you put on your registration form.  Please be careful.  However, after you register, please go a review the tournament brackets on the platform and if see any issues, contact us immediately. We cannot be responsible for any errors if you do not contact us within 48 hours of your registration. Additionally, AK Promotions & the IKF reserve the right to match bouts within catchweights, age limits and safety guidelines etc., with consent of both team’s trainers etc.

When the final matching process starts, fighters and trainers/corners in single divisions with no opponent will have the option to move to another division (rule style or weight class) if desired, and if they feel secure in doing so from a safety / undocumented – experience perspective.  AK Promotions and the IKF maintain final say on all matches.