Gear Requirements

All fighters MUST have the following approved gear in order to compete.  It is mandatory!

  • Muay Thai Shorts (Mandatory) –  AK Promotions requires all competitors to wear Muay Thai shorts.  MMA Shorts are not allowed. Compression shorts  may be under Muay Thai Shorts.
  • No shirts allowed (Men). Juniors may wear a tucked in shirt that isn’t baggy.
  • Approved Headgear (see image below) – no overly padded ears or eyes, jaw, chin or nose protectors not allowed.
  • Mouth Guard.
  • Groin Cup and Protector Strap – must be under shorts.
  • Shin Guards – Cloth for shin and instep.  Must have foot guard.  No Metal buckles allowed.
  • Hand Wraps – Cloth or Gauze may be used. 
  • Gloves – will be provided by Promoter (10oz and 12oz.)
  • Women – a padded sports bra is required.
  • More on Gear –  Click Here

Legal Competition Headgear

The following images show legal IKF headgear.  Headgear with extra padding around the ears or cheeks, or anything with a nose or chin protector, is NOT allowed in competition.

Head gear must fit securely and tape may be used to further secure it.